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Experience our FREE one-on-one fit analysis

One of the distinct advantages to shopping at a running specialty store is the ability to have a shoe fit to your specific needs. Through our fit process we are able to identify your foot type, biomechanics, and form to find the ideal shoe for your needs


While this is not a fool-proof process, we improve chances of finding a shoe that works really well for each customer.


This service is free and no appointment is needed. At your convenience stop by and experience your ideal fit.

Fit process includes

Personal Profile: We will take a detailed personal history: past exercise experience, injury issues, future goals, etc., to develop your personal profile and assess your needs.


Gait Analysis: Next, we will watch how your feet naturally flex, roll, and transition while walking, running or standing to determine your foot structure and shape. The body in motion tells us a lot about how much support your foot and body will need to keep you exercising healthfully.


Foot Measurement: We then record all the key measurements of your foot. The three ratios we measure are total foot length, foot width and arch length. These three key factors will determine your shoe size, as well as what shape of shoe will best fit your foot.


Selection: Based on the above three, we will bring out shoes we think will work best for your foot and gait needs. After ensuring proper fit, we will film you on our treadmill to narrow down the best option for you.