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Runner Spotlight...Meet Pat

February 6, 2017

A brief background including where you are from, family dynamics such as father of two etc?

I was born and raised in Denver, CO.  I’m 54 years old, divorced and have two great children who both still live with me.  Brandon is 23 and Makenzie (Kenzi) is 20.  I’ve been living in Parker now for about 16 years.   I prefer doing things vs. having things.  I’ve played soccer since I was about 7 years old and still play to this day.  I enjoy hiking, backpacking, fly-fishing and running.  I believe life experiences and adventures are best when shared with friends.


Why you first started running?

By the time I was in my late 30’s I was putting on weight and wasn’t in very good physical shape.  I was traveling virtually every week and found myself sitting at a bar virtually every night while on the road. 

My good friend Brian and I would plan a week long backpacking trip every year, but as we were planning for one trip he told me that he wouldn’t go backpacking with me anymore unless I got my ‘a--‘ in shape.   I was in denial, but he was blunt and I realized I need to change my lifestyle.  I was 38.

We start with alternating weights one day and 30 min. on the treadmill the next.   I ran my first race, the Bolder Boulder, 2 and half years later and my first marathon a year and half after that.  I was 42 going on 43 and that’s when I became serious about running.


What keeps you motivated to keep running?

At first it was just about staying in shape.  Later it was training to complete my first marathon.  For the first few years of serious running I really didn’t care for it, but over time I began to really crave the running. 

More importantly though are the people I started to meet.  I’ve met some amazing people, runners, and it’s these people, now my friends, that have added to the quality of my life.  I look forward to seeing them and conversing with them and running with them.  They keep me motivated.


What are your biggest running accomplishments? 

My biggest running accomplishment is probably my first marathon.  I did it without any clue how to train and I didn’t even know any other runners.  The training was one of the hardest things I’d ever done and I didn’t think I’d ever be able to complete that marathon.  Not only did I complete it, but I ran a Boston Qualifying time.  I didn’t know at the time how big a deal that really was.

Most recently I ran my longest run and race, which was a 34 mile Ultra Trail race and I managed to pull off a 2nd in my age group.

And also for this last year, I ran the most miles ever at 2,103 miles for 2016.

5k PR – 20:00 November 2016

10k PR – 41:13 May 2008

Half Marathon – 1:32:12 May 2008

Marathon – 3:16:40 June 2009


What are your future running goals?

I’ll be running the Boston Marathon this year.  Hoping to PR my marathon time.

Beat my 10k, half marathon and marathon PR’s.

To complete the Leadville Trail 100.

To help other runners to achieve their goals.


The most important things you've learned about running over the years.

May not be the most important, but is kind of funny.  When my feet move, so does my mouth.  I start running and I start talking.  Who knows what about, but people still run with me so it must be reasonably entertaining.  Lol.


-Advice you’d give to readers


Rules to live by:

  1. Be consistent.  I believe that running 5-6 days is ideal.  Everyone can find 10-20 minutes in their day.  It’s better to get out and run a mile or two than to not run at all.

  2. Slow down.  80-90% of running should be slow.  You only need to add in speed work once or twice a week to sharpen your stride and prepare your body for race conditions as you approach a race.  Your primary pace should be 3-3.5 min slower than your 5k pace or 1.5-2 min slower than your marathon pace. 

  3. Be patient.  It can take years for your body to fully adapt to running and become optimal. 

  4. Run with friends and share your experiences.

  5. Run races somewhat regularly and of varying distances.  Each distance provides a different type of mental and physical challenge.  Racing gives you something to focus on and is a great way to challenge yourself.

What’s s your favorite running gear?

That would have to be my shoes.  Most important piece of gear for a runner.  Shoes have to be right for you as an individual.  Currently I enjoying my Mizuno Enigma’s.  I’m about ready to buy my 5th pair.


Favorite place to run?

I love running just about anywhere.  More importantly than where I run is who I’m running with.  I always enjoy running with friends. 


Go to recovery meal?

After a morning long run, it’s definitely a breakfast burrito. 

After an evening long run or a marathon, it’s definitely a juicy burger and a beer.



I’d just like to thank all my running friends.  You’re the best.  You inspire me and each of you is an amazing person that has made my life better and my running better.


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