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Runner Spotlight.....Meet Harold

May 21, 2018


Name:  Harold Higgins


Number of Years Running:  2


What inspired you to start running:

I had become bored with spin class and was looking for something to shakeup my exercise routine. I saw a notice for a “new runner” program at RNK Running & Walking so I decided to give it a try. I loved it. Everyone was so very friendly and supportive. It didn’t matter that I’m old, slow and way outside the statistical demographic group of runners. Trent hooked me up with some good running shoes…probably the first time in my life that I’ve worn running shoes that fit my foot architecture and running style. Wearing the right shoes helped me stay injury free and continue to enjoy running.


What is your best or worse running memory:

My worse running memory was my first race, which was a Friday night 5K put on by Stridemob in Castle Rock. I started out way too fast and suffered midway through the race. The best was running the Hot Chocolate 5K later in the year where I finished a respectable sixth in my age group.


What keeps you getting out the door everyday:

I have a hard time getting out the door. Once I’m on the trail is when I love it. I know that getting over the first hurdles of putting on my running shoes and getting out the door is when everything gets mellow and fun for me. Having fun with the RNK Running “pack” helps get me onto the trail when I’d rather sit on the couch and eat Girl Scout cookies (Thin Mints, yum!).

What is your favorite place to run:

I’ve got two favorites, both of which give me a thrill when I see wildlife. I like going south on the Cherry Creek trail from Stroh Road because there has been a herd of 7 deer and some coyotes in that area. Next is the dirt trail along the south edge of the Colorado Golf Club. The trail is hilly and a running challenge for me. There is a herd of about 20 antelope that are often near the trail in the early morning hours.


What is your favorite product: My favorite is the Brooks Ravenna.


What advice would you give to new runners: 

1) Accept that the first few times may be hard and achy;

2) Be consistent every week about running some miles, but don’t obsess over the amount;

3) I found the run/walk method helped me build endurance, and

4) There are no big egos in the running group so don’t get down on yourself about “keeping up” with the hard-core runners.





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