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Runner Spotlight....... Meet Sarah W

July 15, 2018



Name: Sarah Wheeler (Or, just Sarah W.)


Number of Years Running: 4 years


What inspired you to start running:

I used to watch the Ironman Triathlon t.v. coverage with my dad when I was little and was always inspired by the athletes stories. I knew one day I wanted to complete an Ironman Tri. and in 2014 I decided to do something about it - and I started running. I fell in love with it and haven't looked back!




What is your best or worst running memory:

I'll always remember coming across the finish line of my first marathon. I had worked hard to get there - the support from friends and family was overwhelming - and the fact that me, the "not fast running newbie", had just run a marathon was unlike anything else.

My worst running memory is this one, by far - the night before a race I didn't set any of my gear out. The next morning I got my gear together quickly and hurried out the door. I picked up a friend and arrived at the race start only to realize - I was wearing sandals and had left my running shoes at home! So, I got to sit back and cheer on my friends - internally kicking myself for not following my number one race day rule: prep. your gear the night before!


What keeps you getting out the door everyday:

Adventure - how far, fast or strong will I become as a runner? I'm not sure, which is what makes it an adventure. Everyone knows you get out of running what you put in - so if I skip my workouts who knows what I'm giving up in the future. Maybe I'll finally be strong enough to hit a sub 20 5k, maybe I'll sit on the podium on my next race, maybe I'll build up the endurance to tackle another marathon? Choose your own adventure and work for it!


What is your favorite place to run:

New places! I love variety and enjoy running when I travel if I get the chance!


What is your favorite product:

My Garmin. Seriously, the best investment I've made to my running gear.


What advice would you give to new runners:

Give yourself a chance. You never know how far you'll go or if you'll discover something that enriches your life (like adventure racing, ultras, or community) through running. So, give yourself a chance and be patient with yourself!





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