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Runner Spotlight.....Meet Sue

October 7, 2018

Name:  Sue Suhr


Number of Years Running: It will be 3 years in May


What inspired you to start running:

I was doing workout videos at home and needed a change. I wanted something I could do without going to the gym. I never ran in high school or ever, so I decided to try it out. I started running every day and soon became hooked and signed up for my first half 5 months later.


What is your best or worse running memory:


Best: finishing my first half marathon. I worked hard for it considering I went from never running to running a half in 5 months.


Worst: I entered an inaugural half in Northern Va and it was miserable. It was hot and humid and there weren't enough aid stations. (I wasn't carrying any hydration either so kind of my own fault too) It felt like it was the longest run of my entire life. Since running this race, it taught me to always carry hydration with me when I run.


What keeps you getting out the door everyday:

My goals keep me motivated to keep going. This year I am running my first marathon! Then hopefully next year, I can enter my first ultra. I am always training for something, and I am always striving to improve and beat my last PR!


What is your favorite place to run:

I don't know if I really have a favorite place. I always love to be out in a place with nice scenery. Anywhere with a mountain view is fine with me!


What is your favorite product:

My favorite product would have to be the injinji toe socks. Thanks to them, I no longer get blisters.


What advice would you give to new runners: 

My best advice for a new runner would be to not compare yourself with someone who has been running a long time. Forward is forward no matter how fast you go. Sometimes it can be challenging, but there is no better feeling then crossing the finish line of a race you put so much hard work into!






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